Test Security Agreement Update

It has come to our attention that item II. G. of the Terms and Conditions of our Test Security Agreement was worded in a potentially confusing manner that could lead to misinterpretation. As a result, we have rewritten this section of the agreement in an effort to be more clear and direct. The updated text reads as follows:

No candidate review of entry-level tests is permitted. Agencies required to have review and appeal procedures must follow the instructions for handling candidate reviews and item challenges described in the publication Considerations in Handling Item Challenges, which is available online or upon request. This publication contains detailed steps for handling promotional-level candidate reviews and resolving item challenges in such a way that will help ensure you maintain test security.

As you can see, this section now clearly states that no IPMA-HR entry-level tests can be reviewed by applicants and all challenges to promotional-level tests must be dealt with as discussed in the free publication Considerations in Handling Item Challenges, which can be ordered online from our website by a Test Security Agreement signer.

We thank you for your continued effort to abide by all security measures outlined in the TSA. The updated copy of the document is available on our website, along with several videos dealing with test security. If you prefer, you can also download the PDF directly.

We suggest that you take a moment to read over the updated agreement and submit the new form. This will help ensure you’re up to speed on the updated test security policies and it will help us make sure we have all your contact information up to date. Please note, however, that your existing agreement will not expire with this update, but you are expected to adhere to the current terms of the agreement.

The Test Security Agreement is our first line of defense for keeping our tests secure; it outlines measures and processes that should be used by all customers handling testing materials. It is with a clear understanding and continued effort from both IPMA-HR and customers like you that our testing products remain a reliable scale of future public safety employees.

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