The Test Administration Handbook Is Now Free!

We are excited to announce that, as of today, we are making the Test Administration Handbook part of our collection of FREE electronic publications. After three years of service as a valuable paid publication, we’ve decided to make this essential introductory guide to assessment available to all Test Security Agreement signers. You can order it online immediately.

The remaining physical copies of the Test Administration Handbook will be provided for free as an added bonus with all test orders until supplies run out.

The Test Administration Handbook covers many topics of interest any HR professional would benefit from having, but can be specifically beneficial for someone just beginning their career in assessment. Specifically, the goals of this handbook are to:

  • Review basic concepts related to employment tests and test development.
  • Provide an overview of the legal and professional considerations concerning employment tests.
  • Explain the different ways through which employment tests can be procured.
  • Describe how evidence of validity can be generalized or transported from one situation to another.
  • Review the administrative aspect of the test administration process including gathering materials, securing test materials, communicating with candidates, providing standardized instructions to candidates, proctoring the test administration, and handling test-room irregularities.
  • Provide a variety of useful resources including a glossary, references for additional readings, and appendices containing support materials. Support materials include IPMA-HR’s Considerations in Handling Test Accommodations and Considerations in Implementing Selection Procedures.

The Test Administration Handbook joins our catalog of FREE publications including Considerations in Addressing Adverse Impact, Considerations in Handling Item Challenges, Considerations in Implementing Selection Procedures, Considerations in Test Accommodations, as well as the Test Day Administration Guide.

The Public Safety Oral Interview Handbook is still available for purchase at a price of $40.

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