Everything You Wanted to Know About Assessment Centers

The Assessment Center Educational Materials are a comprehensive guide to the complicated process of administering an assessment center in your organization. Whether you’re using an in-house assessment center system or one developed for you by an outside organization, the ACEM is an invaluable tool to make sure your administrators, assessors and candidates are informed, prepared and know what to expect during the process.

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The Assessment Center Educational Materials include the following manuals:

  • Administrator’s Manual, including sections on content validation guidelines, project management, compiling scores, establishing eligibility lists and much more.
  • Assessor Trainer Guidelines, includes a detailed breakdown of the steps you should take train your assessors.
  • Assessor Training Manual, which is a comprehensive example of a training manual your assessors would use while training to be an assessor, teaching them about the content of exercises they’ll see during the assessment center and how to accurately record and score candidates’ responses.
  • Candidate Orientation Trainer Guidelines, include instructions on all the steps you’ll need to take to prepare your candidates for test day.
  • Candidate Orientation Manual, which is an example of a training manual candidates will use during preparation, ensuring candidates come prepared with all the instructions they’ll need to complete the assessment center.

Additionally, the ACEM includes a CD-ROM that contains a wide range of documents to assist you during an assessment center:

  • PowerPoint Templates that can be modified to your departments needs and used during assessor and candidate training.
  • Sample Forms to assist with scheduling, scoring and getting feedback on the assessment center process, as well as providing results to candidates.

As with all of our publications, you must have a Test Security Agreement on file with us before you can order the Assessment Center Education Materials.

Upon request, we can also provide you with an inspection copy of the ACEM, which includes a table of contents for the various manuals provided, explicitly describing the topics covered within each. You can request your inspection copy by emailing us or calling us at (800) 381-8378.

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