Police Detective Test Updated to New Version

As a result of updates to the books that support our police detective tests and our commitment to making sure our tests are the absolute best they can be, we’ve released an update the PDET 101 Police Detective test. Because of these changes, the name of the test has been updated as follows:

PDET 101 PDET 2.1 PDET 201

Five questions were replaced from the PDET 101 to create the new PDET 201. These changes are a result of new editions to books that appear on the test’s reading list. The old questions were no longer supported by the new books, so we replaced them.

It is important to note that all replacement questions were written to assess the same content areas as the original questions and are supported by the books on the current reading list, dated March 2012.

Note that we strongly urge you to always post the most current reading list. That said, if you’ve already posted the reading list from January 2012 for the PDET 101, you can still order the PDET 201 with confidence; the January 2012 reading list fully supports the questions on the PDET 201.

What does this mean for you?

Agencies who have already posted reading lists for their candidates to begin studying can use the new versions with absolute confidence that their candidates have studied for the correct test.

The PDET 201 is available to order immediately. We will honor existing orders for the PDET 101, but future orders will be fulfilled with the new version exclusively. If you are a customer who has already placed an order for the PDET 101 but have not received your order yet, please contact the Assessment Services Department and let know if you’d like to change your order to the PDET 201.

If you have any questions about this switchover or are concerned with how it may affect you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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