Update to Promotional Test Reading List

From this point forward, we’ll announce updates to our reading lists for promotional tests as they happen.

In the meantime, however, we’d like to bring to your attention the fact that the reading list for the PDET 101 Police Detective test was updated in February to reflect a new edition of one of the publications.

You can submit a request to receive a reading list on our website.

You’ll find that we’ve also added a table that will show you when the reading list for each test was last updated. As of today, that table looks like this:

Type Test Name Last Updated
Police PSUP 301/302/303 Jan 2012
PL 301 Jan 2012
PDET 101 Feb 2012
Fire FCO 101-EM/102-EM Mar 2011
FCO 103/104 Mar 2011
Corrections CF-FLS 102 Feb 2011
ECC ECC-FLS 102 Oct 2010

We’ll be announcing future updates here on the Assessment Services Review so be sure and subscribe to Instant Updates on the ASR in the sidebar to the right.

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