Help Us Blow Out Our Birthday Candle as the ASR Turns One!

While we enjoy our well-earned birthday muffin, we’re going to take a look back at some of the fantastic content we’ve posted over the first year of the new Assessment Services Review. Join us!

Last October, we launched the updated – and free!Test Administration Handbook. It’s available to all Test Security Agreement Signers upon request.

A new line of Fire promotional tests called the FCO (Fire Company Officer) series was released in November. Previously, we offered the FL 101-EM and FL 102 for promotions to Fire Lieutenant. The new tests were expanded to include alternate forms and we feel the new title better reflects the diverse range of supervisory positions the test is designed to assess.

We opened the New Year by announcing a significant price cut for the Assessment Center Educational Materials and the launch of our new test product catalogs. In the past, we always published a single catalog for all of our products. The new catalogs were published in separate volumes, one for each of the public safety fields we work with, to better present you with the information you need to know about our products.

In addition, the ASR let you know first about test and reading list updates.

We are very fortunate to have Robert Burd as a regular contributor. He has provided us with his valuable insight on a number of topics important to the public safety community. Over the past year he’s covered topics such as succession planning, item analysis, successive hurdles, and validating minimum qualifications.

Mr. Burd’s most widely read series was about test security, where he recounted some personal experiences with test security breaches and discussed some notable incidences from the news.

On the legal front, Rich Tonowski has covered many assessment topics from physical ability testing, developments in the counter-suit to Ricci v. Destefano, an update on the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and a personal call-out for organizations to stick with long-established best practice guidelines in assessment.

Our own Andrey Pankov has contributed with articles outlining IPMA-HR resources available to you to help establish best practices within your agency. Additionally, he provided a coda to Mr. Burd’s series of test security with a detailed look at IPMA-HR’s test security policies and resources, punctuated with valuable advice to keep your testing processes safe and sound.

It’s been a pleasure to bring you all of this great material over the past year. Join us while we work to make our second year even better!

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