New Test Development Project: Customer Service Representative

Customer ServiceIPMA-HR is currently in the process of creating a computer-based selection test for customer service positions throughout government agencies.  This would include any position that has front line interaction with the public (e.g., customer service representative, front desk positions, clerks, 311 center representative, etc.).

We anticipate that the computer-based test will be a job simulation that will include audio/video recordings of customer contacts with candidates indicating how they would handle the issues presented, using reference materials that would typically be available to them. The format of the test would be multiple-choice as well as data-entry.

This is where we need your help.  In order to create a useful test we need agencies to participate in the test development process. 

There are three steps in the test development process. The first phase is the Job Analysis and we are currently seeking participants for this phase. The second phase is Developing Test Content, in which we will need your staff to help review test content. The last phase is the validation phase, which has your customer service representatives take the test and their first-line supervisors evaluate their performance.

Important Note: each participating agency would not be required to participate in every phase of development described.

Job Analysis Phase consists of:

  • Collect job descriptions, training documents, policies and procedures, etc.
  • Telephone interviews with entry-level incumbents and their first-line supervisors.
  • Incumbents and their first-line supervisors complete computer based job analysis questionnaires (JAQs).
  • Agencies would receive between a 5% and 30% discount off a test order depending on how many participants are provided.

For now the most important step is the completion of the job analysis questionnaires which is the least time consuming for agencies since it is done on the incumbents own time and is computer based.

If you are interested in participating please submit an interest form or view the full description of the test development project.

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