Test Response Data Collection Form Update

We have recently made several changes to the layout of the blue Test Response Data Collection Form that is included with every test order.

What’s changed?

To more efficiently collect data for test validation studies, we have updated our Test Response Data Form to not only collect score and demographic data, but also collect candidate identification data (e.g. candidate name, candidate ID number).

Why does IPMA-HR need the additional data?

To collect additional validation evidence on each of our tests to supplement the initial validation studies done when the test is developed, we have typically had to request test score and performance evaluation from our customers a  year or more after they have administered the test.  This has not only been burdensome to our customers, but at times, it has even been impossible because many of our customers can not easily access test score data a year or more after a recruitment. To streamline this process and make it easier for our customers to participate in validation studies, we have combined our validation efforts with our Test Response Data Reports.  By adding the candidate identifier, we will now be able to more easily follow-up with customers to request the performance evaluation data, without agencies needing to subsequently provide test score data.

The New Form

The Old Form

What is different about how I fill out this new form?

In the previous form, we asked that test customers tally the number of candidates in each demographic group (race/ethnicity & gender) who received each test score. In the new form, customers will now have 3 options for providing data:

  • Option 1: Customers using our electronic service can now just send us a copy of their UMD Electronic Scoring Service printout, along with indications of the race/ethnicity and gender of each candidate written next to each name.
  • Option 2: Customers who hand score their tests can now just send us a copy of the roster of candidate names, scores, along with the demographic information (race/ethnicity and gender) written in beside each name.
  • Option 3: We’ve provided a table in the back of this new form that customers can simply fill out to provide the requested data (candidate name, score, and demographic data).

If you have any questions about the new format of our Test Response Data Reports or would like additional information, please contact our HR Associate, Julia Hind-Smith, at jsmith@ipma-hr.org or (703)535-5252.

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