About Megan Eik

Megan Eik is a student at George Mason University working on her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She is currently an intern at IPMA-HR assisting the Assessment Department with several projects. Before she started her Bachelors, she spent a month in Australia with the People to People Student Ambassador Program which started her interest in psychology and helping others.

A Roundup from Across the Web


This article talks about how the Victoria Fire Department in B.C. just got permission to use drones during emergencies as a first response tool. They will be using the drones during earthquakes, fires, and search and rescue missions. By having the drones, they can make sure that any building they are going into will be secure enough to withstand firefighters inside and check to see if there is anyone stuck inside of a burning building without risking firefighter lives. Search and rescue missions have now changed with the advantage of having drones. For example, if a child has gone missing in the water, the drone can hover over and find the exact location of the child without wasting time or funds to get a helicopter up and running. In all, drones seem to provide a strategical advantage to the future of fire and rescue missions.  Read more… Continue reading