Introducing OTAS – Your new online test implementation solution!

Online Test Administration Service

IPMA-HR’s Assessment Services Department would like to announce a new method of test implementation, the Online Test Administration Service, or OTAS for short!

It has taken many years to find the right partner to allow us to take our tests to the online space and a few more after that to test out and tinker with it, in order to get it just right.

So it brings us great pleasure that starting today, you can administer the following tests via OTAS:

Police Supervisor (PSUP) Series

Our goal is to get most of our test catalog up and ready for OTAS implementation by the end of 2014.

To get started, you can visit the OTAS landing page, read through the FAQs, or take a sample test, from the candidate perspective.

We want you to keep in mind that the OTAS system will change and improve with your use and feedback. This will be an evolving product, so get excited for the future.

Stay tuned to the ASR for followup posts detailing additional features and details about this new system. We are very excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Fire Company Officer Tests Updated to New Versions

Due to recent updates to the published source material for our series of Fire Company Officer tests, FCO 101-EM, FCO 102-EM, FCO 103 and FCO 104, we have had to make updates to some of the test questions that appear in those test forms.

As a result of these updates, we are reprinting the tests under new names. The new tests correspond to the old ones as follows:

If you’ve already distributed the reading lists for any of the FCO 100 series tests then you do not need to take any further action to redistribute a new reading list. When you order your test, just make sure to order the test that matches the reading list you provided to your candidates. We will retain sufficient stock of the existing tests to accommodate those processes that have already begun.

At this point forward, we will be providing the FCO 200 series reading lists. If you’d like to request the new reading list, you may do so here.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this update.

Welcome to the Summer 2013 Assessment Interns

Interns 2012

Hoda Hafezisoleyman Zadeh, left, and Kaitlyn Kavanagh have joined the Assessment Services Department for the Summer.

We would like to introduce two new individuals joining the Assessment Services Department for the summer. Hoda Hafezi and Kaitlyn Kavanagh were selected to join the Assessment Services Department on a summer internship. They will be working side by side with IPMA-HR staff to get a better understanding of the technical expertise and dedication that goes into creating reliable and valid assessment products.

Hoda is currently a Junior attending the University of Maryland, pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Kaitlyn is a rising Senior at the Catholic University of America, also pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Both students are very interested in the advanced field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and hope this internship will give them applicable experience in the field.

We look forward to hosting these two bright and motivated individuals throughout the summer months!

Notice of Holiday Hours for Memorial Day 2013

IPMA-HR’s office will be closed on Friday, May 24th, and Monday, May 27th, in observance of Memorial Day.

Please bear this in mind while planning any orders for upcoming tests. Orders placed on Thursday, May 23rd, will not be shipped until May 28th at the earliest.

If an urgent situation arises prior to the office closing on Thursday, May 23rd, please be sure and contact us by phone at (800) 381-8378 so we can attempt to help.

New Test Development Project: Customer Service Representative

Customer ServiceIPMA-HR is currently in the process of creating a computer-based selection test for customer service positions throughout government agencies.  This would include any position that has front line interaction with the public (e.g., customer service representative, front desk positions, clerks, 311 center representative, etc.).

We anticipate that the computer-based test will be a job simulation that will include audio/video recordings of customer contacts with candidates indicating how they would handle the issues presented, using reference materials that would typically be available to them. The format of the test would be multiple-choice as well as data-entry.

This is where we need your help.  In order to create a useful test we need agencies to participate in the test development process.  Continue reading

New Police Detective Test Form Available

A new form of the Police Detective promotional test is now available. The PDET 202 features 100 all new items that are parallel to the PDET 201 Test. The breakdown of questions is as follows:

Content Items
Police investigation procedures 29
Laws related to police work 37
Concepts for writing and completing reports, records and paperwork 34
Total 100

The reading list for the PDET 202 Test is the same as the PDET 201, and can be requested here. Please visit the test page to order your inspection copy today!

New Police Officer Video Test Available

We would like to announce the release of a new version of our video-based test, the PO-EL 302 VID Entry-Level Police Officer Video Test. The test assesses a candidate’s ability to observe, listen and retain information, use situational judgment and common sense, as well as test their reading comprehension and problem solving abilities using a video format.

It is important to note that tests that use videotaped scenarios have been shown to assist in reducing the possibility of adverse impact. Continue reading

Fire Company Officer Technical Report – Now Available

FCO tech report coverThe technical report for the Fire Company Officer series of tests (FCO 101-EM, 102-EM, 103, & 104) is now available for review.

This comprehensive report gives an in depth overview of the steps involved in preparing, creating, and validating these four tests.

Request your FCO Technical Report here.



Entry-Level Police Officer Candidate Study Guide Updated to 2nd Edition

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2nd edition of our popular Entry-Level Police Officer Candidate Study Guide.

For a limited time, we will be offering the 1st edition study guide to our test customers for $10 each.

ELPO 2nd ED Study Guide

The only difference between the 1st and 2nd edition of the study guide is the practice test, which has been updated to include an additional 75 questions for a total of 100 test items.

The updated study guide is immediately available for purchase by your candidates at Public Safety Compass at the same price as the 1st Edition, $20 plus postage.

For our test customers, the 2nd Edition study guide can be purchased for $15 each.

Police and Fire Chief Selection

The Assessment Services Department would like to bring your attention to a new assessment tool developed in partnership between ICMA and IPMA-HR for the purpose of selecting police and fire chiefs. Read on for more information.

Police and fire chiefs are two of the most visible members of a manager’s executive team. Selecting the right individuals for the job is critical to providing the leadership necessary to make your community a safer and better place to live. Hiring the wrong people can damage staff morale and public trust and negatively impact your government’s agenda and your career. Ensure a successful selection by using an advanced process designed to maximize a positive outcome.

Chief Selection Advantage: A Data-Driven Selection Process

Chief Selection Advantage is a research-based assessment tool that you help your jurisdiction choose the right candidate for your next police or fire chief. This authoritative and data-driven process was designed in partnership by the experts at the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR).

We don’t screen resumes. And we don’t make the selection for you. Instead, Chief Selection Advantage empowers managers, HR directors, and city council members with critical information needed to choose the most qualified candidate.

Using the ICMA/IPMA-HR Chief Selection Advantage will help your city or county:

  • Recruit your next police or fire chief by proving you with research-based assessment tools and a framework for the selection process
  • Identify the characteristics of a successful chief by pre-screening candidates against established core competencies
  • Determine whether candidates are capable of handling the unique issues facing your community.
  • Incorporate the buy-in of employees, elected officials, and citizens.
  • Streamline the selection process, saving you time and resources.
  • Allow your HR staff to successfully conduct chief recruitments in-house, giving you greater control over the process and keeping recruitment costs down.
  • Gain information to build an effective partnership between you and your new chief.

Don’t make a mistake in hiring your next police or fire chief. Visit ICMA for more information.