Where Can I Find Guidelines for Tests?

The idea for this primer series germinated from a simple question – “Could you do an article looking at the validity of tests used in public safety assessment?” In response, I decided to do a series of articles aimed to inform, but also intended to keep things simple. The blogs in this series are intended to cover:

  1. What are the characteristics of a good test?
  2. What are some authoritative references human resource and assessment professionals can rely upon in evaluating the worthiness of tests?
  3. What is validity?
  4. Are public safety assessments good tests and are they valid?

The first article in the primer series has been published and is available on the IPMA-HR Assessment Services Review page.

This is the second in the series and is intended to answer the question as to where can the reader turn for guidance in addition to that offered in this series of blogs. My suggested list is fairly short and includes:

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ASR Bookshelf: Your Guide to Assessment-Related Resources

Periodically we will be posting links to resources that we have found from across the web.  We hope you find this information helpful as you navigate through the everyday, and not so everyday, issues facing HR professionals today.  Here’s a list of resources that caught our eye.  As always, we have included a couple of good free publications to the list.

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