Multiple Forms of Written Exams

When I was in school — particularly elementary school, where the practice seemed to be more prevalent — it troubled me to witness one student copying off another during tests. I always thought this was unfair. I wish I could say that I was upset by cheating because it damaged the educational system, but in reality I was angry because of the impact on me personally.

I carried that impression into the HR world. Since many decisions are based on test results that impact the health and effectiveness of an organization, I felt more justified in taking an active part to prevent cheating in this arena.

It pleased me a great deal when I discovered that there were other ways to discourage copying beyond the utilization of diligent test proctors. Making different forms of the same test was perhaps a devious method to discourage copying. On the other hand, we always announced to test takers the possibility that multiple forms of the test were in use so they would know that the person next to them may not have the same test. Continue reading