First Line Supervisor Tests Updated and New Reading Lists

Due to recent updates to the published source material for our First Line Supervisor tests, ECC-FLS 102 and CF-FLS 102, we have had to make updates to some of the test questions that appear in those tests.

As a result of these updates, we are reprinting the tests under new names. The new tests correspond to the old ones as follows:

If you’ve already distributed the reading lists for either test you do not need to take any further action or redistribute a new reading list. When you order your test, just make sure to order the test that matches the reading list you provided to your candidates. We will retain sufficient stock to fulfill all orders of the older test.

From this point forward, we will be providing the CF-FLS 202 and ECC-FLS 202 reading lists only. If you’d like to request the new reading list, you may do so here.

In addition to the CF and ECC First Line Supervisor reading list update, the PSUP series’ (301/302/303) reading list also experienced an update. Unlike the other two tests, it does not require any items to be replaced.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this update.