New Promotional Fire Tests Now Available

We are pleased to announce the launch of four new fire service promotional examinations, designed to assess qualifications for promotion from firefighter to company officer.

Company officer is a first-line supervisory rank commonly called fire lieutenant or fire captain in different municipalities. The new tests incorporate the most current developments in the firefighting field — new technology, new regulatory requirements, hazardous materials updates, new developments in firefighting and rescue, as well as supervision and team leadership concepts. All test questions were selected using a thorough validation process, including linkage to the job analysis data and review by 18 or more expert practitioners in the field, from different departments and geographic regions, to assure each question’s accuracy and relevance. All questions were also linked to study references which were formulated into a recommended reading list for candidates.

The final products of the validation study were four 100-question tests. Two of the four tests are designed for departments which provide EMS services, and the other two tests are for non-EMS departments.

Each test covers areas such as fire behavior, firefighting procedures and tactics, rescue and safety, building construction, supervision, hazardous materials, fire prevention and fire safety, and (for two of the above forms) emergency medical services.

The final test forms are:

FCO101-EM Fire Company Officer test with EMS component
FCO102-EM Fire Company Officer test with EMS component (alternate form of FCO101-EM)
FCO103 Fire Company Officer test  – no EMS component
FCO104 Fire Company Officer test  – no EMS component (alternate form of FCO103)

Besides reflecting the most recent developments in the field, these tests provide more flexibility for the departments which use them. Departments can alternate the use of these tests over time to avoid overexposure of the questions in the promotional process.

A Technical Executive Summary is available for the FCO Series of tests in lieu of a full Technical Report. The full Technical Report is expected to be made available by the start of 2012.

Reading lists for all four tests are available immediately to Test Security Agreement signers.