New Test Versions and Reading Lists Available (PSUP, PL, PDET, FCO)

Due to recent updates to the published source material for our series of Police Supervisor (PSUP), Police Lieutenant (PL), Fire Company Officer (FCO), and Police Detective (PDET), we have decided to update several of the test questions that appear in those test forms.  In addition, we have updated the reading lists belonging to each test to reflect the most current published source material.

To assist our customers in more easily recognizing which test version they are administering, we have reprinted the new tests under new names. The new tests correspond to the old ones and have undergone changes as follows:

If you’ve already distributed the reading lists for any of the older versions of these tests, then you do not need to take any further action to redistribute a new reading list. When you order your test, just make sure to order the test that matches the reading list you provided to your candidates. We will retain sufficient stock of the existing tests to accommodate those processes that have already begun.

At this point forward, we will be providing the updated reading lists for all new orders. If you’d like to request the new reading list, you may do so here:

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this update.

For more information on each of these tests, please visit:

Introducing the new FCO 400 Series

We are excited to introduce our new 400 Series Fire Company Officer Tests. These tests were designed to assess whether candidates have the competencies to perform successfully at the rank of fire company officer (i.e., lieutenant, captain) in a fire department. FCO 401-EM and FCO 402-EM were designed for those departments that perform emergency medical (EM) services. The series is comprised of four tests:

These tests are meant to fully replace the two Fire Company Officer A and A with EM tests we’ve been offering for the past year, and more fully reflect the FCO 300 Series that were offered in Spring 2014 and earlier.

Feel free to request the reading list for these 4 tests. The reading list is quite different from the Fire Company Officer A and A with EM tests because two books are now in new editions. Continue reading

Introducing OTAS – Your new online test implementation solution!

Online Test Administration Service

IPMA-HR’s Assessment Services Department would like to announce a new method of test implementation, the Online Test Administration Service, or OTAS for short!

It has taken many years to find the right partner to allow us to take our tests to the online space and a few more after that to test out and tinker with it, in order to get it just right.

So it brings us great pleasure that starting today, you can administer the following tests via OTAS:

Police Supervisor (PSUP) Series

Our goal is to get most of our test catalog up and ready for OTAS implementation by the end of 2014.

To get started, you can visit the OTAS landing page, read through the FAQs, or take a sample test, from the candidate perspective.

We want you to keep in mind that the OTAS system will change and improve with your use and feedback. This will be an evolving product, so get excited for the future.

Stay tuned to the ASR for followup posts detailing additional features and details about this new system. We are very excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Fire Company Officer Technical Report – Now Available

FCO tech report coverThe technical report for the Fire Company Officer series of tests (FCO 101-EM, 102-EM, 103, & 104) is now available for review.

This comprehensive report gives an in depth overview of the steps involved in preparing, creating, and validating these four tests.

Request your FCO Technical Report here.



Update to Promotional Test Reading List – July

The reading lists for the PSUP Series of tests has been updated to reflect the release of a new edition of one of the books that appears on the list. Also, the FCO 101 & 102 reading list has been updated to reflect information on a new printing of a book.

The updated reading list table is below:

Police PSUP 301/302/303 June 2012
PL 301 May 2012
PDET 201 Mar 2012
Fire FCO 101-EM/102-EM June 2012
FCO 103/104 Mar 2011
Corrections CF-FLS 102 Feb 2011
ECC ECC-FLS 102 Oct 2010

Request a reading list.