POSIS: Police Officer Structured Interview System Now Available

After over a year of development, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Police Officer Structured Interview System, or POSIS for short!


POSIS is a comprehensive product that can provide your agency with a high quality assessment tool. The POSIS system provides everything you need to:

Plan a successful and timely oral interview process.

Train panel members on the structure, questions and rating guidelines of the system.

Assess candidates on a variety of documented KSAPS, including personal experience, problem solving and thinking under pressure.

In order to Plan, Train and Assess your police officer candidates, POSIS includes the following manuals and booklets to make implementing the system as simple as possible:

  • Administrator’s Manual: Provides an overview of the POSIS and its materials, as well as details on how to plan, administer and score the process.
  • Panelist Trainer’s Manual & PowerPoint with Videos: Guides your designated trainer in efficiently preparing your panelists, the individuals who will observe and rate your police officer candidates. The PowerPoint presentation includes video vignettes simulating candidates as they answer each oral interview question. This provides your panelists with a valuable opportunity to learn the POSIS system and practice rating candidate responses before they see actual candidates.
  • Panelist Booklet: Used by your panelists while rating applicants. The oral interview questions are within, plus rating scales and benchmarks to take into consideration during scoring. Instructions also include information on how to administer a fair, reliable, accurate and defensible oral examination.
  • Score sheets: Used by your panelists for scoring each individual candidate, with space to take notes on candidate responses to each question.
  • Sample Forms: A number of premade forms and documents, some optional and some necessary for running the process.

Our goal with POSIS is to provide law enforcement agencies with a complete solution for conducting structured and defensible oral interviews. Everything you need is included!

POSIS is available in two versions: Form A and Form B. Each version includes seven oral interview questions for candidates to respond to and four of those questions are unique to each version. POSIS costs $975 plus $11 per candidate going through the system.

More information about POSIS is available with a free inspection copy, which goes into more detail on the many parts of the product and provides a summary of each question asked on the two forms. A Technical Report detailing the development of POSIS is also included. To request an Inspection Copy please call 1-800-381-TEST or email assessment@ipma-hr.org

If you have additional questions about this product please check out the POSIS FAQ.