New Entry Level Police Test

In case you haven’t heard we now have a replacement test for the retired PO-EL 203-NC test. This new test, the PO-EL 204-NC, is an exact replica of the old test and can be utilized in the same exact way.

The new test assesses critical abilities of an entry-level police officer candidate. Criterion-related validation studies show that this test effectively predicts performance in both the police academy and on the job. No prior police training or experience is assumed.

The test is still 100 items, with a 1 hour 45 minutes time limit (plus 25 minutes for the Test Information Packet). It also features the same content areas:

PO-EL 204-NC (TIP) Test
Content Area Number of Items
Observation & Memory (Wanted Posters) 25
Ability to Learn Police Material 25
Police Interest Questionnaire (Non-Cognitive) 30
Situational Judgment, Problem Solving &
Reading Comprehension
Total 100

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