New Test Versions and Reading Lists Available (PSUP, PL, PDET, FCO)

Due to recent updates to the published source material for our series of Police Supervisor (PSUP), Police Lieutenant (PL), Fire Company Officer (FCO), and Police Detective (PDET), we have decided to update several of the test questions that appear in those test forms.  In addition, we have updated the reading lists belonging to each test to reflect the most current published source material.

To assist our customers in more easily recognizing which test version they are administering, we have reprinted the new tests under new names. The new tests correspond to the old ones and have undergone changes as follows:

If you’ve already distributed the reading lists for any of the older versions of these tests, then you do not need to take any further action to redistribute a new reading list. When you order your test, just make sure to order the test that matches the reading list you provided to your candidates. We will retain sufficient stock of the existing tests to accommodate those processes that have already begun.

At this point forward, we will be providing the updated reading lists for all new orders. If you’d like to request the new reading list, you may do so here:

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this update.

For more information on each of these tests, please visit:

New Police Detective Test Form Available

A new form of the Police Detective promotional test is now available. The PDET 202 features 100 all new items that are parallel to the PDET 201 Test. The breakdown of questions is as follows:

Content Items
Police investigation procedures 29
Laws related to police work 37
Concepts for writing and completing reports, records and paperwork 34
Total 100

The reading list for the PDET 202 Test is the same as the PDET 201, and can be requested here. Please visit the test page to order your inspection copy today!

New Police Officer Video Test Available

We would like to announce the release of a new version of our video-based test, the PO-EL 302 VID Entry-Level Police Officer Video Test. The test assesses a candidate’s ability to observe, listen and retain information, use situational judgment and common sense, as well as test their reading comprehension and problem solving abilities using a video format.

It is important to note that tests that use videotaped scenarios have been shown to assist in reducing the possibility of adverse impact. Continue reading